Monday, May 12, 2014

Shorts I Liked: Teen Titans Go, "Sidekick"

Logline: Sidekick Robin struggles to keep Batman's belongings in order when the other Titans want to play with the equipment in the Bat Cave

Concept Statement: We are successful when we let go of fear from what others will do to us (It's only when Robin lets go of his fear of Batman that he is able to succeed and save the day)

Runtime: 10:54

Things I liked:
  • Hilarious drawings with specific personality
    • Robin's muscular chest
    • Robin's hand gestures that shoe the Titans away as he says, "C'mon c'mon, you can't be in here!"
  • Moments of over-the top action and drama, but is self-aware, which makes the gags funny
    • Robin feeding the fish and the fish wearing Batman masks
  • Tone of the story felt like a mix between Warner Bros-esque humor and Ferris Bueller's Day Off within a superhero world

Misc. Film Techniques Observed:
  • Warner Bros - esque humor: Gags at a characters' expense
    • This only works because Robin was cocky and flaunting his responsibility at the beginning of the story, deserving to be the butt of the jokes later on

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