Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shorts I Digged: Oktapodi

Logline: Two octopus lovers are separated by a seafood salesman in Santorini, Greece.
Concept Statement: True love entails great determination.

Runtime: 2:25

Things  I digged:

1) The set, prop, and vehicle shape languages.
2) The 'button' at the end, with the seagull taking the male octopus. A nice twist, as it's the female's turn to be hero now.
3) The unique camerawork, like the 'pulling out of the tank' shot which almost feels like a fourth wall break until the next shot, as well as the dynamic chase camera shots through Santorini.
4) The man's design: very blocky, sharp, and expressive.
5) How they maintained a sense of movement throughout. Great progression of gags.
6) Fun, light-hearted, yet suspenseful tone.
7) The fantastic visual development.

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