Friday, September 12, 2014

Big Hero Six Clip: Billy Merritt Notes on Staging and Cheating

  • Everything in the first four seconds of the clip is clear and readable; there is no mistake that there is a boy character who drops something heavy on his toe
  • At 00:05, Camera distance = emotional distance, so the camera cuts in to close up on Hiro's face, who lets out a writhe of pain
  • Hiro stays on screen left while Baymax stays on screen right throughout the entire clip.  The audience is never confused.

Hiro is framed by a gap in Baymax's arm and body...

But when the camera cuts, Baymax's arm no longer has the gap.  Overall, a really cool, effective, and simple staging cheat.
  • Characters influence the camera: When Baymax walks towards Hiro/MG at 00:38, the top of Baymax's head rides the safe action line

The gap in between the desk and bed is perfectly readable so the audience isn't confused when Hiro falls inside of it (almost as if the filmmakers were foreshadowing)
Hiro's face is silhouetted by the objects that fell on him.  Clear and readable staging!
  • When Baymax picks up Hiro, the staging is cheated so you never actually see him picking up Hiro, saving a ton of labor and scrutinous animation.  Cheat that junk!

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